Farming the Sun

To be engaged in farming the sun, we have to be dependent upon forces that we cannot control. Each new day will bring the challenges of response to circumstances we did not fully create on our own and which we cannot fully resolve without the involvement and cooperation of others. Farming the sun means that I need you, and you me, and that there will still be things we face together that are beyond our power and ability. Thus, an interdependence and rhythm will be set in motion that will call us to daily community, daily humility, and daily hopefulness. I believe that the world in which we live is designed for greater community and greater collaboration as we recognize our individual and collective limitations. As farmers must depend on weather which they can only haltingly predict, and certainly cannot control, and therefore enter into a larger community of cooperation and dependence, so we all must learn that we are no different than they. To farm the sun we must be prepared for the freshness of each dewy morning bringing with it the day's joys, challenges, victories, tragedies, interactions and relationships. Relationships which are born out of a commitment to farm the sun will be transparent, authentic and real. I am inviting you to travel this journey with me. Each new day I need you. Each new day I will face with your help the improbable, perhaps the impossible with greater hope. The unpredictability of this journey is not in our control. What may come tomorrow that I can celebrate with you, or that you may mourn with me is beyond our collective power to change, but makes the journey through these things worth taking. And what are the options? Life can't be audited. We're all in this for full credit! So collaborate, cooperate, encourage, help and walk together. The sun will come out tomorrow. We can't stop it. The questions is how will we walk in the light of the sun? In the lonely dreariness of solitary effort, or in the freshness of sweet friendships that will carry us along? Why not farm the sun together and explore that way of friendship, relationship that humbly admits that we need each other in a world such as ours? See ya soon....


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